Konverents "Schizophrenia: Today's clinical need, emerging opportunities" toimub 29. augustil

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12.30-12.45    Opening words and a key speech from the conference curator
Prof. Eero Vasar, Dept. of Physiology, Tartu University

12.45-13.10    Schizophrenia research and management in Tartu University Hospital from Emil Kraepelin to XXI century
Dr. Sven Janno, Dept. of Psychiatry, Tartu University Hospital

13.10-13.50    Psychiatric symptoms: characteristic feature of the neurological disease?
Dr. Katrin Gross-Paju, West-Tallinn Central Hospital

13.50-14.30    21st century: technological startup inception
Dr. Gullhem Velve Casquillas, CEO Elvesys

14.40-14.45    Coffee break

14.45-15.30    Ethical considerations in clinical studies of schizophrenia
Dr. Alme Keis, Dept. of the Public Health, Tartu University

15.30-16.15    Current themes on schizophrenia research in Finland
Prof. Jaana Suvisaari, Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare