Teaching and supervising of the Chair of Pathological Anatomy



We are teaching pathological anatomy to undergraduate medical students and master students.  In Estonia, pathology is called pathological anatomy, but in today's context, histological and cytological diagnostics and digital analysis are its important content and pre-requisites for clinical pathology.

Ave Minajeva has received the UT scholarship on teaching and learning 2019-2021.

We have modernized our pathology teaching:

  • From 2019, teaching is based only on digital microscopy slides.
  • From 2020, team based learning has been introduced.
  • Starting from 2021, together with the Tartu University Clinic, we are teaching additional clinical pathology to the 4th and 5th year medical students. 

Feedback of the students is published in articles in the e-journal of UT and Eesti Arst:



We are supervising the students at all levels from undergraduate to the PhD students, including life science, medicine and pharmacy specialties.

Students are welcome to join research group which topic they find most interesting.