Andres Tennus

Research of the Department of Immunology


Our current focus

Our major research interests are directed towards cellular and molecular mechanisms in autoimmune diseases. We are interested in external (enteroviruses) and internal factors (commensal microflora, T cell effector function) that lead to development of autoimmune desctruction of pancreatic beta-cells in type 1 diabetes and latent adult-onset autoimmune diabetes (LADA). Specifically, we like to understand how immunological regulatory mechanisms in intestinal mucosa are involved in the development of autoimmune diabetes. Our research also aims to develop new prognostic, diagnostic and treatment monitoring immunoassays. Important clinical outcome-oriented development is related to fibrin preparations based on salmon blood clotting/coagulation proteins, which can be used as a matrix in new technologies in regenerative medicine and in cell cultures in vitro.




Current collaborations

In Estonia: Faculty of Science and Technology,  Department of Pharmacy, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Surgery, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Unversity of Tartu, United Laboratories of Tartu University Hospital.
East-Tallinn Central Hospital, West Tallinn Central Hospital, Tallinn Children's Hospital, Kuressaare Hospital

International: Universities of Helsinki (prof. M. Knip), Tampere (prof. H. Hyöty) ja Turku (prof. J. Ilonen, prof. R. Lahesmaa); University of Heidelberg (prof. T. Giese); Pennsylvania University (prof. P. Janmey); IRCCS San Raffaele Scientific Institute (dr. V. Lampasona); European Autoimmunity Standardization Initiative (EASI team, Dr Jan Damoiseaux, Maastricht UMC); European B Cell Network (prof. H. Jäck, Erlangen).
Enterprices: Thermo Fisher Diagnostics, Immunotron OÜ, Icosagen OÜ.



In cooperation with Estonian medical insitutions we have collected various clinical data and biomaterial.


The five most important scientific articles in the last five years

  1. Tagoma A, Haller-Kikkatalo K, Oras A, Roos K, Kirss A, Uibo R (2022): Plasma cytokines during pregnancy provide insight into the risk for diabetes development in the gestational diabetes risk group. J Diabetes Investig 13: 1596-1606.
  2. Mustonen N, Siljander H, Peet A, Tillmann V, Härkönen T, Niemelä O, Uibo R, Ilonen J, Knip M DIABIMMUNE Study Group (2020): Coeliac disease and HLA-conferred susceptibility to autoimmunity are associated with IgE sensitization in young children. Allergy 75: 692-694.
  3. Oras A, Peet A, Giese T, Tillmann V, Uibo R (2019): A study of 51 subtypes of peripheral blood immune cells in newly diagnosed young type 1 diabetes patients. Clin. Exp. Immunol 198: 57-70.
  4. Vorobjova T, Tagoma A, Oras A, Alnek K, Kisand K, Talja I, Uibo O, Uibo R (2019): Celiac disease in children, particularly with accompanying T1D, is characterized by substantial changes in the blood cytokine balance, which may be related to the inflammatory processes occurring in the small intestinal mucosa. J Immunol Res 6179243.
  5. Laidmäe I, Erglis K, Cebers A, Janmey PA, Uibo R (2018): Salmon fibrinogen and chitosan scaffold for tissue engineering: in vitro and in vivo evaluation. J Mat Sci: Mat Med 29: 182.