Human Microbiota Biobank


Human Microbiota Biobank (HUMB) is located in the Department of Microbiology, Institute of Biomedicine and Transitional Medicine. The biobank contains more than 20 000 microbial strains of human origin and more than 3 000 microbiota samples. The main goal of the collection is to support and promote research and development in the field of microbiota. An important area of work is the screening of the properties of beneficial bacteria of human body, leading to the development of novel probiotics. Another important area of work involves the causative agents of opportunistic infections, their spectrum of drug susceptibility and virulence factors. Biobank is open for scientific cooperation.

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Doctoral defence: Marilin Ivask “Transcriptomic and metabolic changes in the WFS1-deficient mouse model”

On 29 Novembril at 15:00 Marilin Ivask will defend her doctoral thesis „Transcriptomic and metabolic changes in the WFS1-deficient mouse model“.

Seminar by Prof Gregory Lavieu

Seminar by Professor Gregory Lavieu