Estonian Society of Pharmacology


Estonian Society of Pharmacology was founded on September the 14th, 1970 in order to bring together Estonian scientists from the field of pharmacology. Members of the first board of the society were the chairman professor Georg Kingisepp, the vice-chairman senior researcher Lembit Allikmets and the secretary docent Leo Nurmand.

Over the years the society has been advising the medical doctors and the institutions of health care, distributing knowledge about pharmacology and in addition to helping the members of the Estonian Society of Pharmacology to collaborate, it has also simplified co-operation with other societies and their members of the field. Over the years the society has been organizing international conferences and meetings.

Through the history we have collaborated more with the closest neighbours of Estonia: societies and scientific institutions in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Germany, Sweden and Denamrk.  Today, Estonian Society of Pharmacology is a member of IUPHAR and EACPT.

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