Department of Immunology



  • Raivo Uibo – general aspects of  immunology (particularly medical immunology), international cooperation in the field of immunology, mechanisms of autoimmune diseases (especially organ-specific autoimmune diseases) and and other immune system disorders, laboratory diagnostics.
  • Koit Reimand, Kaja Metsküla – classical and new methods for the detection of autoantibodies and their clinical application.
  • Ivo Laidmäe – use of fibrin matrix made from salmon blood in biotechnology


Participation in Estonian and international scientific organizations

Most of the staff with higher education in the department are members of the Estonian Society of Immunologists and Allergologists.

In addition

  • Raivo Uibo is member of the Academician of Estonian Academy of Sciences, member of a Council of  the National Institute for Health Development, Member of the Medical Science and Health Strategy Committee in the Estonian Academy of Sciences, co-editor of the Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, member of the editorial board of Eesti Arst
  • Ivo Laidmäe and Meeme Utt are members of the Estonian Academic Society of Pharmacology
  • Tamara Vorobjova is  member of Estonian Society of Gastroenterology.
  • Kaja Metsküla and Ija Talja are members of the Estonian Society for Laboratory Medicine


  • Raivo Uibo is member of All-European Academies (ALLEA) permanent working group on science and ethics,  delegate of Biomedical Alliance in Europe  and member of the working group of  IVD, founding member  of Euroscience, honorary member of Scandinavcian Society for Immunology, member of FOCIS, member of Henry Kunkel Society, member of EASD and Immunology of Diabetes Society, member of EBC Network Council, IAP Advisory Group, BMC Immunology Associate Editor and others.
  • Tamara Vorobjova is member of the World Journal of Gastroenterology Editorial Board



Teaching and supervising

Doctoral theses

Tartu Ülikool uuring näitas, et ühest geeniveast põhjustatud mehepoolne viljatus on arvatust palju sagedasem.

One of the largest male infertility genetic studies improves molecular diagnostics and personalized management of andrology patients


European Commission funds research to tackle long-term COVID-19 health impact

Doctoral defence: Fangling Xuan „Regulation of stress response in first episode schizophrenia by monocytes and microglia“

17. mail kaitseb Fangling Xuan doktoritööd „Regulation of stress response in first episode schizophrenia by monocytes and microglia” (,,Stressivastuse reguleerimine skisofreenia esimese episoodi korral monotsüütide ja mikrogliia poolt“).