Department of Biochemistry


Research in the Department of Biochemistry integrates metabolomics and biochemistry in scientific fields. The main focus is on cardiovascular disease (particularly atherosclerosis), primary episode psychosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as one of the main causes of disability and death in the Europe. We also carry out teaching of medical biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine. 



  • Mihkel Zilmer – human metabolism, National Institute for Health Development, public speaking on metabolism-based nutrition
  • Tiiu Kullisaar – probiotics and oxidative stress
  • Rando Porosk – structure of biomolecules, IT-solutions for study subjects
  • Kalle Kilk – clinical metabolomics


Integrative metabolomics in health and disease

Participation in Estonian and international scientific organizations

The specific info can be found in the curriculums of our researchers. Read more in ETIS.


Publications and patents

Teaching and supervising

Doctoral theses

Tartu Ülikool uuring näitas, et ühest geeniveast põhjustatud mehepoolne viljatus on arvatust palju sagedasem.

One of the largest male infertility genetic studies improves molecular diagnostics and personalized management of andrology patients


European Commission funds research to tackle long-term COVID-19 health impact

Doctoral defence: Fangling Xuan „Regulation of stress response in first episode schizophrenia by monocytes and microglia“

17. mail kaitseb Fangling Xuan doktoritööd „Regulation of stress response in first episode schizophrenia by monocytes and microglia” (,,Stressivastuse reguleerimine skisofreenia esimese episoodi korral monotsüütide ja mikrogliia poolt“).