Pubications and patents of the Department of Physiology


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  • Transgenic animal model for modelling pathological anxiety, a method for identifying compounds for treatment of diseases or disorders caused by pathological anxiety and a method for using wfsl protein as a target for identifying effective compounds against pathological anxiety; Owners: University of Tartu; Authors: Eero Vasar, Sulev Kõks, Hendrik Luuk, Sirli Raud, Mario Plaas; Priority number: P200600039; Priority date: 12.12.2006.

Career conference „To new hights with a PhD degree!“

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Call for abstracts: scientific conference celebrating the anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine

 Tartu Ülikooli bio- ja siirdemeditsiini instituudi inimese geneetika õppetooli uuring koostöös Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikumi meestekliinikuga näitas, et üllatavalt suurel osal viljatutest meestest on lapsena diagnoositud munandi laskumishäire. Õigeaegne sekkumine aitab tulevikus lahendada viljatusprobleeme ja ennetada haruldaste kasvajate riski.

Testicular maldescent in infertile men may be a sign of a more severe genetic syndrome