Instructions on how the studies and work are organised in the faculty (edited 16.03)

Today, the dean, vice deans, heads of institutes and student representatives met to put together an action plan for the next weeks when classroom teaching is cancelled.

For now, the Estonian Health Board has contacted students and lecturers who came into contact with the infected student. Anyone who has not been contacted should remain calm and follow the usual Health Board instructions.

All face-to-face classroom teaching is suspended from today, March 13th until May 1st. This means that students study from home using e-learning technical solutions. Lecturers will inform students about the reorganisation of their studies through the Study Information System and Moodle. Examinations will take place, the responsible lecturer will inform students of the specific organisation of each exam.

Lecturers are asked to establish Moodle support for all classes and where possible, replace classroom teaching with video lectures. In addition, please use conspects, textbooks, self-test questionnaires and discussion forums with students. Seminars will be replaced by independent or group-based learning in the Moodle environment. For questions related to the organisation of e-learning, please contact Triin Marandi (, +372 737 6268).

Instructions for students:

Classroom teaching (i.e. lectures, seminars and practicals, including those at the UT Hospital) is cancelled.

  • Medicine: there will be no change in the organisation of the sixth-year clinical practice and it will continue as usual.  Edit 16.03: Trainees may not be temporarily accepted by some departments. In this case, follow the hospital's instructions and inform the dean's office, we try to find a new internship in another department or hospital.
  • Dentistryfifth-year clinical practice has been stopped (edit 16.03).
  • Pharmacy: Institute of Pharmacy provides more detailed information about the Pharmacy practice.
  • Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy: institute provides more detailed information. 
  • Public Health and Nursing Science: Institute of Family Medicine and Public Health will provide further information about the organisation of defenses of Master's theses.
  • Doctoral students: PhD defenses are scheduled and can be watched online. Digital tools must be used to engage the opponent.
  • Residents: please follow the instructions of your employer.

We recommend that students living in dormitories go home, if possible. Please note that the ability to communicate with your lecturers through e-learning solutions must be maintained.

The libraries of the University of Tartu are closed. In addition to the library databases, we also recommend using the free textbooks and educational resources available on the AccessMedicine portal. Please avoid visiting university administrative units (dean's office, office of academic affairs, institutes, etc.), communicate by e-mail.

We ask all employees to work from home if possible.

Please follow the instructions of both the Health Board and the university regarding the spread of COVID-19 virus. As the risk assessments change, the university provides up-to-date information and guidance.

People who suspect coronavirus infection should contact their family doctor, seek advice from a family doctor's helpline at 1220 (abroad: +372 634 6630), or call the emergency number 112, if necessary.


Rene Kärner
Head of the Dean’s office
737 5325