Rasmus Pind won the main prize of the student research paper competition

On December 13, the Tartu Ministry of Education and Research awarded the best student research papers of 2022. The main prize went to Rasmus Pind from the faculty of medicine of the University of Tartu with his research paper "Categorization of internal training load and practical application during training". The University of Tartu's faculty of medicine received awards at every level of study.

From the field of medical sciences of the University of Tartu, in the category of medical and health sciences, the following also received the prize:

  • Elise Helena Armulik;
  • Anna Tisler;
  • Katrina Ahun;
  • Liis Preem;
  • Heigo Reima.

The following also received awards in the category of supervisors of scientific works:

  • Artur Stoljar and Martti Laan;
  • Karin Kogermann, Andres Meos and Tanel Tenson;
  • Jarek Mäestu.


Rasmus Pind ja Jarek Mäestu

Rasmus Pind and his supervisor was professor Jarek Mäestu.


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