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The University of Tartu is the national university of Estonia. Estonia, the singing nation, is a small, beautiful Baltic country with over 2000 islands, 50% forests, moose, deer and eagles and more.

The capital of Estonia is Tallinn, one of the best preserved mediaeval cities in Europe and filled with history and gorgeous architecture. In southern Estonia, where the University of Tartu is based, we have many castles and manors, nature reserves, and of course, beautiful leafy Tartu and our University. The University of Tartu is in the top 1,2% of the world’s best universities and the top 1% of the world's most-cited universities. Tartu has a lively student life and we have many things for you to do while you are here, whether it’s relaxing in cafes or sampling the local nightlife or exploring our theatres and museums. 


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Rakubioloogia kõrgkooliõpik

An exceptionally comprehensive Estonian-language university textbook on cell biology has been published

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