Public lecture “How your brain makes sense of food in the gut”

You are invited to attend a seminar by Dr. Diego Bohorquez (Duke University, USA) entitled “How your brain makes sense of food in the gut”.

Diego grew up in a farm in the Ecuadorian Amazonia. In 2005, began a Ph.D. in Nutrition at NC State University and realized the profound influence the gut exerts on the brain and behaviors. In 2010, he began Postdoctoral Training in Neurogastroenterology at Duke University and discovered that the cells that sense food and microbes in the gut are hardwired to the brain, opening an entire new field in gut-brain biology.

In 2015, he became an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Neurobiology at Duke University. Diego’s work has been recognized with awards such as a TED fellowship and his goal is to uncover how to treat the brain from the gut. In 2018, his team published a seminal article in Science magazine showing that the gut has a hardwire sense. This sense has the ability to communicate to the brain precise details about food in milliseconds. Diego’s ambition is to use these gut brain neural circuits as a portal to treat brain behavioral disorders from the gut.

Time: Wednesday, September 12th, at 12:15

Place: Biomedicum, Ravila 19-0088, Tartu

Watch the TED talk of Diego Bohorquez.