Dean: Please follow the regulations even more precisely

Dear members of the faculty

Our academic and everyday lives continue in an unusual rhythm. To be fair, the autumn semester has so far been able to run with only mild restrictions. But the situation is changing because the corona virus has begun to spread more rapidly. I call on you to follow the set regulations even more precisely to impede the spreading of the virus. Our common goal is to stay as healthy as possible and continue studies and scientific work.

For that I would like to repeat some of the basic instructions and I ask all faculty employees and students to follow them, so that the next months would be as safe as possible for everybody.

  • Stay home and get tested even with mild disease symptoms. 
  • Wash and disinfect hands thoroughly. Good tips from the study video. There are ample possibilities in all study buildings. 
  • Practicals are a priority in contact study. Lectures and seminars should be via e-learning whenever possible.
  • Masks are mandatory in the faculty buildings. Let`s acquire surgical masks but any mask is better than none. Everyone should get their own mask.
  • Avoid public transport if possible. I suggest walking, cycling or using personal transport.  
  • I advise staying in Tartu in your own "bubble" and avoid social contacts with people you do not come across every day. Avoid parties and large gatherings.
  • Students, please avoid physical contacts, incl. gathering before auditoriums or in cafes. The weather permitting, go walk outside between the lectures for example.
  • I recommend working from home if possible. Specific agreements can be made with your immediate supervisor. The most important thing is that the work gets done.
  • We must keep distance, but do not socially isolate yourselves. Keep your mental health! Good tips can be found here.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 virus then I ask you to also inform the Dean`s office, so that we may be able to quickly change the organisation of study.

Thank you for being patient, compliant and good-natured! These are difficult times for everybody, but if we behave responsibly then the faculty can lead by example in the university and our community as a whole.

Be positive but stay negative! 

Dean Margus Lember