Cancer biologists are planning a revolution in the beauty industry

Tarmo Mölder and Kuldar Kõiv started their careers as molecular biologists at the University of Tartu. They are men who do not have to worry about their looks. They are both well-toned and athletic. Tarmo has dark hair and a respectable hairstyle, Kuldar has reddish curly hair with a receding hairline.

Years ago, they began work at professor Tambet Teesalu’s cancer biology laboratory at the University of Tartu. A novel and powerful technology was introduced to the lab, which helped them find proteins – specifically protein strands or peptides – that bind strongly to cancer tissue proteins.

Such protein strands are needed to guide cancer medicine to the lesion as efficiently as possible. Medication needs to reach the lesion in such a way that it would not disperse between other somatic cells and would cause as little side effects as possible.

But the pharmaceutical industry is oh so slow. Even if Tarmo and Kuldar’s research should one day be used for creating an efficient drug, they will already be grey. And by that time, no one will remember that, as young men, they also worked towards improving this cancer medication.

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