Teaching and supervising of the Department of Physiology





  • ARFS.01.066 Physiology
  • ARFS.01.023 Biophysics
  • ARFS.01.063 Human physiology
  • ARFS.01.032 Human physiology
  • ARFS.01.030 Human physiology
  • ARFS.01.016 Human physiology
  • MVBS.03.001 Human physiology     
  • ARFS.01.061 Functional investigation of respiration
  • ARFS.01.069 Neuroscience
  • ARFS.01.078 Normal and pathological anatomy and physiology
  • MVBS.03.002 Basic neuroimmunology in mental disorders
  • ARFS.01.070 Modern directions in neuroscience 1    
  • ARFS.01.071 Modern directions in neuroscience 2    
  • ARFS.01.072 Modern directions in neuroscience 3
  • ARFS.01.073 Modern directions in neuroscience 4
  • ARFS.01.036 Modern directions in neurobiology 1
  • ARFS.01.080 Modern directions in neurobiology 2
  • ARFS.01.081 Modern directions in neurobiology 3
  • ARFS.01.082 Modern directions in neurobiology 4


Supervising students

We provide outstanding opportunities for research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We offer several doctoral projects for motivated candidates with strong interest in research.

For more information please contact the respective research group.


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