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Kantar Emor survey: University of Tartu diploma is still the most valued in the labour market

According to the universities’ reputation survey conducted by Kantar Emor this spring among Estonian residents aged 15–60, people of all age groups consider the University of Tartu to be Estonia’s most reputable higher education institution. Respondents say that the University of Tartu provides excellent education and its diploma is the most valued in the labour market.

The most reputable university in Estonia is the University of Tartu – so said 81% of the nearly 1300 respondents. 88% spontaneously mentioned the University of Tartu as the first of all higher education institutions.

Responses to the survey show that the University of Tartu’s reputation relies, above all, on credibility, high-level education and research, and the high value of its diploma in the labour market. In addition, respondents regard the competition for studies at the University of Tartu as tight and university graduates as successful. Also, the internationality of the national university, its business cooperation and visibility in society are seen as a great advantage.

According to the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of the University of Tartu Aune Valk, the university’s reputation is important as it is the basis for choices made by prospective students, staff and partners. Reputation is also taken into consideration by academic circles and employers when compiling international university rankings. “Education is a long-term and large investment, and it is vital for people that the university where they study is trustworthy and provides high-quality education,” said Valk.

“For years, nearly 90% of respondents have rated the credibility of the University of Tartu as very good or excellent. Naturally, we also have room for improvement, for example, in providing practical and innovative education. We are also trying to offer increasingly more real-life projects where the gained knowledge can be applied. Some of the best-known projects so far include the ESTCube-2 student satellite, which will be launched at the turn of the year, and Estonia’s own solar car, Solaride – both teams join students of many disciplines. Within the Starter programme, more than 240 student teams have already set up their own businesses. In addition, everyone has an opportunity to get involved in various student organisations and traineeship,” Valk said.

Applications for the Estonian-taught programmes of the University of Tartu are accepted until 29 June. Admission is open for 53 first-level and 47 master’s programmes.

Every spring Kantar Emor conducts the universities’ reputation survey to find out the general reputation of Estonian higher education institutions among the Estonian population. The survey was conducted in April and May this year for the 12th time already; the respondents were 1,329

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