Best teaching staff member from the Faculty of Medicine is Margot Peetsalu

Based on student feedback, the recipient of the 2017 Best Teaching Staff Award of the University of Tartu from the Faculty of Medicine is Margot Peetsalu. In addition, ten best teaching staff members of the faculty were recognised (see the complete list below).

According to President of the University of Tartu student body Taavi Vanaveski, the student council is proud to have good teaching staff members at the university. “It is hard work to be a good teacher. Teachers spend much time on communicating information to students and explaining it. In my opinion, teacher-student communication and tenacity is very important,” said Vanaveski.

“If a teaching staff member is tenacious in work and good at communication, it is something that every student strives for. Students have great respect for teaching staff members, who they want to be like. It is important for a teacher to know teaching methods and not to be afraid of trying new methods, for example video lectures or real-time conference calls. A personal approach and understanding of the partner is important. If you treat students as equal partners, it is possible to understand them better. I would like to emphasise that also students should be more approachable and communicative with teachers. As students, we should demand better education,” Vanaveski added.

Best teaching staff members receive a specially designed layered silver badge by jewellery designer Katrin Veegen. In addition to the badge, the awardees get a bonus in the amount equal to the minimum monthly salary for professors of the University of Tartu.  

Best Programme Director Award from the Faculty of Medicine was granted to Professor in Pharmacognosy Ain Raal – former programme director of the integrated bachelor’s and master’s curriculum “Pharmacy”.

2017 top ten best teaching staff members in each faculty (in alphabetical order):

  • Marina Aunapuu, Associate Professor in Histology;
  • Mall Eltermaa, Specialist;
  • Külli Jaako, Associate Professor in Pharmacology;
  • Jarek Mäestu, Associate Professor in Exercise Biology;
  • Aimar Namm, Assistant in Histology;
  • Margot Peetsalu, Associate Professor in Surgical Diseases;
  • Riina Runnel, Lecturer in Oral and Dental Diseases;
  • Merle Seera, Assistant of Nursing;
  • Joel Starkopf, Professor of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care;
  • Helen Zirnask, Assistant in Human Anatomy.

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